Are you planning to start your own business but not sure about registrations, permits & licenses or just need a general direction? At ZAMM Consulting, we can help you with not just the basics of starting up a business, but we also offer savings packages if you would like ZAMM Consulting to take care of your accounting, IT or advertising needs as you grow your business.

Some of the services we offer for start ups are:

Name & business registration

  • We can suggest suitable names for your business & perform the required searches.

Permits & licenses

  • We can make recommendations on the permits & licenses you would require for all types of governments (federal, provincial and/or municipal) for your business. We can also help you obtain these permits & licenses.

Business Structure

  • We can help you determine what type of business structure might suit you: corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship.

Marketing & Advertising

  • We can design as well as maintain logos, brochures, websites or social media pages.


  • Never wait till the last minute for accounting as it can be overwhelming if CRA, your bank or even a potential investor requires it all of a sudden. Let ZAMM Consulting keep your financial records in order right from the start.

CRA compliance

  • We can help you ensure you are staying on top of all CRA requirements as you are setting up.