Our questionnaire will help us see which services are right for you, where you may be falling short or what you are currently excelling at and allow us to create a service package that is just right for you.

Company Information

What bookkeeping services are you currently using and/or are interested in?

 Record day-to-day transactions

 Reconcile bank statements

 Reconcile credit card statements

 Generate sales invoices

 Generate payables cheques

 Record and post year-end accruals (e.g. payroll, utilities, etc.)
 Maintain capital asset depreciation and amortization schedules
 Prepare GST/HST/PST remittances and reconcile accounts

 Prepare WSIB remittances and reconcile accounts
 Prepare EHT remittances and reconcile accounts

 Review processes for charging GST/HST
 Review processes for claiming Input Tax Credits (ITCs)
 Prepare corporate income tax return(s)
 Prepare personal income tax return(s)

 Process payroll amounts for all employees