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we are Zamm

ZAMM, striving to be among the best outsourcing companies, offers business process outsourcing solutions (BPO) in North America. Never compromising on quality, we offer a range of highly specialized services in domains like Finance and Accounting, SEO/SEM, Travel and more.

We at ZAMM create custom solutions for each and every requirement of our clients. For cashing in on the ZAMM advantage and boosting your business, contact us today!

Outsourcing gives you access to high quality services at low costs. ZAMM’s resource pool is vast, highly qualified and growing with access to high-end technology. ZAMM hails as one of the most reliable BPO companies offering back-end support services for multiple domains. Once you decide to utilize our services for your outsourcing requirements, we pledge complete care of your business needs from beginning to end.

Outsourcing to ZAMM has the following merits:

  • It’s cost-effective: you can save up to 50% on operating costs!
  • It offers high-quality services
  • You gain time zone advantage: operates 24X7
  • It features highly skilled work force
  • It gives you access to high-end technology and infrastructure
  • You can benefit from latest software and technologies
  • It promises a quick turnaround time


  • An impressive range of technology-driven services
  • Quality services at global delivery centers
  • High-end contemporary infrastructure with built-in redundancy
  • Technical skills and expertise
  • BPO and KPO services
  • Custom solutions per client's requirements
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